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What gives you more energy than any pill, drink, bar or supplement?

What gives you more energy than any pill, drink, bar or supplement?

Yep! Controlled blood sugar levels top them all!!

Notice in the first graph on slide 1 the blood sugar has high spikes and low valleys. This is what causes these energy crashes that will have you reaching for another energy drink or something high in carbs/sugar to get your energy back up.

This is the blood sugar rollercoaster! And it doesn’t only effect your energy; it causes all sorts of immediate symptoms and also impacts long-term health!

Someone with blood sugar like graph 1 might feel anxiety, irritability, brain fog, they may feel “Hangry”, have poor sleep, headaches, cravings, skin issues, hormone issues, cardiovascular issues and so much more.

Controlled blood sugar is the answer to more energy and eliminating all those symptoms!!

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Want to burn fat and have more energy?

fat burner fat for fuel Dec 26, 2021

For those starting out on a journey to better blood sugar (the most effective way to burning fat and having more energy), you’ll want to think about having carbs as a condiment.

If you want more energy and to burn fat, you won’t want carbs to be the bulk of your meal.

Sure carbs give you a burst of energy but then insulin will spike (insulin is a hormone that lowers blood sugar by building fat).

With high levels of insulin in our blood, we shut off fat burning (lypolisis) and instead start building body fat.

With the sugar down from the insulin, we will start to feel tired and hungry because our body senses low energy.

This only puts us in the carb craving zone because our body wants fast energy and this starts the cycle all over again.

With carbs as a condiment, (also best if eaten LAST), we hardly have any blood sugar response and limited insulin release.

The fats and proteins keep sugar and energy stable for hours and with insulin low, lypolisis (fat burning) can turn on.

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Here are some healthy swaps to help you get canola and other vegetable oils out of your diet!!

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2021

Here are some healthy swaps to help you get canola and other vegetable oils out of your diet!!

I could have pages and pages but hopefully this is a helpful start.

For reasons why canola & vegetable oils are so bad, check my previous posts this week.

What’s your favorite healthy fat / oil swap? Mine is grass-fed butter

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There are better sources of probiotics

I posted this graphic ages ago and I got a lot of heat because people were upset to hear this information.

When I saw @glucosegoddess’ CGM graph of the kombucha, it confirmed what I had been saying all along so I wanted to share this again.

Store bought kombucha has a ton of sugar because most of them add fruit juices after fermentation.

I remember when GTs kombucha used to only have 1tsp of sugar per bottle and now I can’t find any with fewer than 4 tsp per bottle!

Thanks to @glucosegoddess for subjecting your body to such a sugar bomb to get this very eye-opening glucose graph.

Not only did her sugar spike more than 30 mg/dL after drinking the kombucha (which is inflammatory), it also caused a big spike of insulin which lowered the glucose below baseline, putting her in what I call, “The Craving Zone”.

When the blood sugar is going down like in that graph, a person might experience cravings, anxiety, irritability, headaches, hunger, brain fog,...

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When to test your blood sugar

blood sugar testing Dec 16, 2021

Here is when to test if you have a finger prick meter.

Of course, if you have a continuous glucose monitor, you won’t need to test like this.

Please don’t test every meal every day… But start testing occasional meals to see the reaction on your blood sugar.

My favorite tool for testing this way is the FORA6 Connect. It is super accurate and also comes with a really great app that keeps track of all your data. It can also test ketones.

Click the link for the FORA6 Connect and use the code DANIELLE15 to get 15% off your order.

Testing your blood sugar is one of the most simple and effective way to make changes to your overall health.

This knowledge is worth its weight in gold!

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The key to better blood sugar is FAT

I had a call with a client last night who has Type 2 Diabetes. She told me that she’s frustrated because although her sugars have been getting better (sometimes into the 80s, 90s and 100s) they still go up after meals and she’s still not losing weight.

So I asked her to tell me what she was eating and she told me:

Meal 1: 1-2 eggs
Meal 2: salad or a chicken leg with tomato and cucumber
Snack: Handful of nuts or smoked salmon/cream cheese dip
Meal 3: grilled meat plus a veg like broccoli and then some berries

Besides needing to eat more in general, this eating plan is missing FATS!!!

Fats keep your blood sugar stable, reduce blood sugar and insulin spikes at meals, gives you long lasting energy, and teaches your body to burn fat for fuel instead of just glucose!!

Here’s what I would recommend instead:

Meal 1: 2-3 eggs with extra butter, 1/2 avocado & tomatoes (or other veg)
Meal 2: chicken leg with skin with veggies + olives, nuts, and heavy drizzle of olive oil. Salmon...

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Are Vegetable Oils Bad For You?

They only look innocent

Continuing our talk about vegetable oils.. they’re not only highly processed, made of GMO ingredients (most of the time), wreaking havoc on our soils/climate because they’re monocrops, they are also f*ing up your health!!

Here are the vegetable oils to avoid: (notice none are not even made from vegetable oils… ‍ clever marketing!)

•Canola / Rapeseed
•Soy / soybean
•Plant-based buttery spreads
•Country Crock / I can’t believe it’s not butter
•Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

These toxic oils lead to a slew of health issues. They contribute to inflammation, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, increase risk of cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s, cause cellulite, contribute to obesity, they accelerate aging, and lead to liver damage.

“A shocking 80 percent of the average American’s fat calories...

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Blood sugar symptoms are unfamiliar to most of us, but over 88% of adults are metabolically unhealthy.

Blood sugar symptoms are unfamiliar to most of us, but over 88% of adults are metabolically unhealthy. This means blood sugar issues y’all!!

Fixing blood sugar issues and achieving optimal health is not just about changing macros.

Because what if you can’t digest fats well??

Or what if you’re a stress case which means you’re chronically in sympathetic over drive (hello hormone imbalance) and burning through minerals?

What if you’re consuming foods you don’t digest well or processed foods that lead to inflammation?

What if you use toxic products and have a sluggish liver?

What if you don’t move or work out?

All of these things (and many more) need to be addressed!!

This is why so often I hear that people plateau or that they can’t get the results of someone they’re copying on Instagram.

It’s not about following “the right” template or meal plan.

It’s about tapping into your body and learning what it needs. It’s...

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Could THIS be why you’re not seeing progress or plateauing?? 👆

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2021

Could THIS be why you’re not seeing progress or plateauing??

Before I went to Nutritional Therapy school, I thought it was all about the food. And maybe some supplements but I never saw benefit from them.

Diet changes are really really important but they’re not the only change we need.

Also, taking random supplements for every symptom will probably be a waste (trust me, been there!). Only a targeted supplement protocol addressing root causes will really move the needle.

And copying someone can only get you so far because we are all different!!

This is why the Blood Sugar Mastery program is so different and so effective. In the program we target all of these root causes with a BioIndividual approach.

There’s no one size fits all macros or meal plans. I teach you where to start, how to listen to your body, and what to do next. We address ALL the areas on the right and my past students have experienced incredible transformations with this approach!!

Blood Sugar Mastery is...

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Building muscle is one of the best things you can do for improved insulin sensitivity and to avoid building excess body fat

Building muscle is one of the best things you can do for improved insulin sensitivity and to avoid building excess body fat

Is building muscle a part of your healthy lifestyle??

In the Blood Sugar Mastery program you’ll learn about what movement and exercise is the most effective for blood sugar regulation and those to avoid.

Enrollment opens December 28th! Click HERE and get on the waitlist today!

I am so excited soooooo many of you have already expressed interest in the course. It’s so inspiring to see so many people out there taking their health into their own hands!!

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