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Symptoms are the language of your body.

Symptoms are the language of your body.

To suppress symptoms without understanding what they’re telling you is a slippery slope. 🤐 #dontkillthemessenger

Oftentimes individual symptoms can be vague (like low energy) but if you zoom out and look at the patterns, you can really begin to understand.

For example, you have low energy when you wake up and every afternoon but have a lot of energy at night, you have trouble sleeping and falling asleep, you get headaches when your meal is delayed and you have trouble losing weight. To me, all of these signs alone can have multiple causes but when we see them together, my mind is screaming blood sugar and adrenals.

If we just caffeinated and took sleeping pills and cut calories to try to get rid of these symptoms we would never get rid of them or hit the root cause.

The other issue I see with symptoms is that oftentimes people are highly unaware of how they feel.

In my upcoming Blood Sugar Mastery program (click here to get on the VIP Waitlist), you will not only learn to become more aware of your symptoms (which is step #1), we will also using an amazing tool to help you to see the pattern behind your symptoms.

Once the pattern becomes clear, you can work through the program to address the root causes of all your symptoms with lots of support from yours truly 🙏


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