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Hi, I'm Dani!

I help sugar cravers regain their energy, lose weight & balance their blood sugar without starving themselves or spending hours in the gym.

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Nutritional Therapy Consult + 2 Follow-Ups

This package includes a 60-minute Initial Consultation + two 25-minute follow-up sessions. 

Initial Consult. + 6 Follow-Ups + Balance Unlocked Online Program

This package includes one 60-minute consultation + six 25-minute follow-ups + access to my signature Online Program the Balance Unlocked Project which provides over 10+ hours of video masterclasses & guides.

Single Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Looking to get started on your journey or get some expert advice? Look no further & sign up for a consultation today! Consults are 60 minutes & additional follow-ups are available for purchase.

Book A Discovery Call

Not sure which coaching package is right for you? Have questions for me? Book a free discovery call today!

Balance Unlocked Project | Online Program

Do you have insulin resistance? Blood sugar crashes? Prediabetes or diabetes? Sugar cravings? PCOS?

My signature online program the Balance Unlocked Project helps to target all the root causes of these issues so you can gain energy, balance your blood sugar and hormones, burn fat, and ditch the cravings!

It's a DIY online course that you will have lifetime access to! Click to learn more!


I'm on a mission to help you regain your health and vitality so you can live the life you were meant to!

Why Working with Me is Different

Get to the root cause of YOUR issues. No one-size-fits-all meal plans over here! When you address the foundations, you get deep healing. 

We focus heavily on food but also go way beyond it because our goal is to make this a lifestyle. You will get a personalized diet, supplement & lifestyle protocol. 

I don't hand you a fish. I teach you how to fish. I'll give you the tools to be your own healer because you are the one who knows your body best!

Gain energy & lose weight by balancing your blood sugar. 

In the Balance Unlocked Project, you'll learn a holistic approach to balancing your blood sugar that goes way beyond just changing your macros. 

We will target all the root causes of blood sugar dysregulation & insulin resistance so you can gain energy, burn fat, sleep better, and feel more confident!

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