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There are better sources of probiotics

I posted this graphic ages ago and I got a lot of heat because people were upset to hear this information.

When I saw @glucosegoddess’ CGM graph of the kombucha, it confirmed what I had been saying all along so I wanted to share this again.

Store bought kombucha has a ton of sugar because most of them add fruit juices after fermentation.

I remember when GTs kombucha used to only have 1tsp of sugar per bottle and now I can’t find any with fewer than 4 tsp per bottle!

Thanks to @glucosegoddess for subjecting your body to such a sugar bomb to get this very eye-opening glucose graph.

Not only did her sugar spike more than 30 mg/dL after drinking the kombucha (which is inflammatory), it also caused a big spike of insulin which lowered the glucose below baseline, putting her in what I call, “The Craving Zone”.

When the blood sugar is going down like in that graph, a person might experience cravings, anxiety, irritability, headaches, hunger, brain fog, nausea, shakiness, dizziness and more.

Pro tips:
✔️ Brew your own kombucha at home
✔️ Have only a small amount of store bought kombucha at a time (like <2 oz or a few sips)
✔️ Have the kombucha right after a meal, or before/after a workout (still keep the quantity small)
✔️ Swap the kombucha for fermented foods without sugar like sauerkraut, pickles, water kefir, kimchi, etc.

To learn more tips about how to stop your blood sugar from crashing, make sure you sign up for my Reactive Hypoglycemia Masterclass!!


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