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Signs Of Low Blood Sugar

There’s a ton of info out there about high blood sugar but almost nothing about LOW blood sugar.

Often, this is the first stage we pass through as we are beginning to experience metabolic issues.

Sometimes high insulin drives down our blood sugar too low when fasting or after a meal.

Sometimes our low cortisol levels might not be able to keep our blood sugar in a healthy range.

And sometimes we can experience these *low* blood sugar symptoms at ANY blood sugar number.

Often my clients report they experience these symptoms if their blood sugar is dropping too quickly.

(And these symptoms may also occur for some people when their blood sugar gets too high! Confusing, I know!)

So if this is you, you are probably wondering what to do!

1 First off, start measuring your blood sugar when you feel these symptoms or with a Continuous Glucose Monitor so you can start to see your patterns.

2 Second, use strategies like eating lots of protein and healthy fats before carbs at meals, go for...

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How To Know If You're A Sugar Burner Vs. Metabolically Flexible

High insulin levels block your body from efficiently burning your own body fat for energy. This leaves you dependent on consuming sugar and carbs every few hours to “keep your energy up.”

This only worsens the blood sugar dysregulation and insulin resistance. It’s a vicious cycle.

When you’re a sugar burner, you feel like crap and have lots or all of the symptoms on the left.

The solution to this is to become “metabolically flexible” where your body can burn sugar AND fat for fuel.

It’s amazing how that little switch absolutely transforms your entire health. To make your metabolism flexible, you need to start with optimizing your blood sugar.

To help you do this in the most effective and efficient way possible, I have created a program that serves as the bridge to get you there.

This revolutionary program is Blood Sugar Mastery. It is the ultimate program to help you control your blood sugar so it stops controlling you.

Want to learn more about...

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Blood Sugar Friendly Breakfast Ideas

A blood sugar-friendly breakfast should contain loads of protein, healthy fats, and fiber!

It can also contain some carbs depending on your metabolic health, activity levels and your goals! (Carbs aren’t the devil, carbs are a tool!)

This helps keep your blood sugar stable and keeps you satiated for hours without that crash (that something like a big bowl of oatmeal will give you!).

My best tip for a fast breakfast is using leftovers from the day before.

For example, grab out some leftover chicken thighs & asparagus, reheat on a pan in some butter. Then pair with half an avocado and some raspberries and voilà!

A nutrient-dense, blood sugar stabilizing meal! But let's not forget our breakfast beverage!

Most people have blood sugar spikes from coffee. Plus, caffeine drives up cortisol and I think most of us are way too stressed to be borrowing from tomorrow's energy.

This is why I recommend to wean onto an organic, Swiss-Water Processed Decaf. @wearerasa has a great...

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Best Blood Sugar and Insulin Stabilizing Foods

We know that reducing blood sugar and insulin spikes at meals helps us have more stable energy levels, avoid energy crashes, have more balanced hormones, fewer cravings, less anxiety, better moods, better skin, and more.

Stable blood sugar & insulin is also so important for our long term health.

The best way to reduce these inflammatory spikes of blood sugar and insulin is to have lots of healthy fats & protein at meals.

These foods contain lots of healthy fats & proteins plus tons of nutrients, and have the least effect on blood sugar and insulin so you can feel fuller and energized longer without having to depend on carbs and sugar for energy.

Certain fats and oils (like butter & olive oil) are great but be sure to get your fats from food as well because they contain more nutrients than the oils.

These foods can also help promote a metabolic state of nutritional ketosis (which we are learning about this week in Blood Sugar Mastery).

Interested in more? Check out My...

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Foods That Support Healthy Bile Flow

As you know, FAT is your blood sugar’s best friend.

In order to get the blood sugar-stabilizing benefits of fats, we need to be able to break them down and absorb them.

I’m order to do that we need to support our liver and gallbladder to make good bile.

If bile isn’t thin and free flowing, it won’t do its job of breaking down fats into their usable forms, fatty acids.

Fats actually have no benefit to us unless we can break them down and absorb them.

In fact, undigested fats actually become inflammatory for the body and can wreak havoc on the digestive system.

Focusing on these foods can help to thin out your bile so that it is free flowing and can do its job better.

This is only one piece of the puzzle but a great place to start.

Another nutrient that also really helps is choline which is found in high amounts in egg yolks.

Source: @drjockers

Want to learn more? Learn the symptoms of poor fat digestion!

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Symptoms Of Poor Fat Digestion

Did you know that healthy fats help stabilize blood sugar levels?

If you can’t digest them, you can’t get all their amazing benefits though…. And they will drive inflammation throughout the digestive tract.

So what are some symptoms for poor digestion and ways to then improve digestion?

11 Symptoms of Poor Digestions:

  • stomach upset by greasy meals
  • chronic constipation
  • greasy or shiny stools
  • light or clay colored stools
  • headache over the eye
  • nausea or motion sickness
  • dry skin, itchy feet, and or skin peeling on feet
  • urgent trips to the bathroom after fatty meals
  • gall bladder attacks
  • pain on right side under rib cage that may radiate to mid back
  • poor blood sugar regulation even on keto

5 Ways To Improve Fat Digestion:

  • Avoid vegetable oils (canola, soy, etc.) and slowly ramp up healthy fats
  • Eat foods that support healthy bile (bitters, citrus, warming spices, etc)
  • Hydrate (water + minerals)
  • Eat at meal times only; stop grazing
  • Support with supplements
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What are the effects of sugar on your body and organs?

Consuming excess sugar & processed carbs and the resulting high blood sugar and insulin affects so much more than just our waistline.

You don’t just “burn off sugar” in the gym. Sugar and high blood sugar/insulin have many detrimental effects on our organs and our body.

The point of this post is to inform you & motivate you to prioritize your health because it is our greatest wealth and unfortunately, there’s no magic pill we can take to have optimal health.

We must prioritize our health and do the work if we want to live the life of our dreams.

Sugar is highly addictive and controlling blood sugar comes down to a lot more than just our diet.

Here are just some of the effects on our bodies:

1. Your brain on sugar- Sugar is highly addictive. Blood sugar issues can lead to brain fog, anxiety, headaches, low energy levels, dizziness, irritability, cravings and more. Over the long term, can contribute to the development of cognitive decline, memory loss,...

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My Top 6 Tips For Balancing Your Blood Sugar

On our coaching calls in Blood Sugar Mastery we have been reviewing strategies for more balanced blood sugar.

One of the biggest game changers in helping me reduce my sugar cravings, have more energy and better hormones was having balanced blood sugar.

This essentially means reducing big spikes and big crashes. We want the blood sugar to only gently rise after a meal (or not at all), and gently come back down to baseline.

This helps us have reduced cravings, better energy levels, better sleep, better skin, better hormone balance, and so much more.

These are some of my favorite hacks for reducing blood sugar spikes:

1.Have a tbsp of ACV (in a few ounces of water) before meals. Add cinnamon for a better taste! This also helps digestion!

2. Eat fat, protein (& fiber in the form of green veggies if not carnivore) before carbs at meals. This will slow the glucose response.

3. Avoid eating a big amount of protein with no fat as this may convert to glucose and spike your sugar! This...

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The 411 on Blood Sugar Mastery!

BLOOD SUGAR MASTERY is re-launching in November!

BSM is my new & improved, signature 8-week coaching program that has given hundreds of students life-changing transformations with their health!

And that’s because better blood sugar = more energy, fat burning, happier moods, no more cravings, better sleep, less anxiety, balanced hormones (bye bye PMS!), better skin, and SO much more!

Here’s how the program works:

8 CORE Modules packed with helpful & actionable content (lifetime access)

16 live / recorded breakthrough coaching calls

Tons of helpful resources & guides (like the Diet Roadmap, shopping lists, CGM and blood sugar testing Masterclass, etc)

Access to a supportive, non-Facebook community where you can get love, support & accountability, as well as coaching from me for 8 weeks.

Bonus workshops & classes (like a batch cooking class, building a blood-sugar stable plate Masterclass, Limiting Beliefs workshop, & more)

Access to support...

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The REAL truth About Blood Sugar!

Our blood sugar controls how we feel every second of the day so it’s something REALLY important to get right if you want to feel great!

Our blood sugar also has HUGE impacts on our long term health as well!

Blood sugar affects every cell, organ, and process in our bodies so it has far reaching effects on every aspect of our health.

And this is why the symptoms of blood sugar issues are so broad!

If your blood sugar isn’t working for you, it’s working against you and can lead to so many unwanted side effects like the ones listed in the graphic (and SO many more!!)

Fortunately my signature program is coming back so you can learn to master your blood sugar to start feeling great again!

BLOOD SUGAR MASTERY is the ultimate program to control your blood sugar so it stops controlling you.

My past students have experienced incredible changes and now you can too!!

I'm thrilled to announce that the waitlist is OFFICIALLY OPEN

See you inside

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