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The best time to take your fasting glucose is upon rising

The traditional ranges are too high. Plus, who wants to feel “average” when you can feel OPTIMAL!

Conversion to mmoL for all my international friends: 99mg/dL = 5.5 mmoL. 70-85 mg/dL = 3.8-4.7 mmoL

Please note that if you are at these ranges and feeling weak, shaky, dizzy or lightheaded, you are experiencing signs of hypoglycemia. This still indicates some level of blood sugar dysregulation.

When I got my fasting blood glucose measured in 2013 it was 63 and I felt like I was gonna pass out. No doctor said anything to me about it!! With blood sugar it’s not “the lower the better.”

Your blood sugar may also go lower than this if you’re in ketosis and you will not feel signs of hypoglycemia. This is fine.

The best time to take your fasting glucose is upon rising. I highly recommend purchasing a glucometer. I love the one by Fora Care (link in bio). It also tests ketones, is highly accurate, and comes with an app.

High numbers only in the morning often...

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When to test your blood sugar

blood sugar testing Dec 16, 2021

Here is when to test if you have a finger prick meter.

Of course, if you have a continuous glucose monitor, you won’t need to test like this.

Please don’t test every meal every day… But start testing occasional meals to see the reaction on your blood sugar.

My favorite tool for testing this way is the FORA6 Connect. It is super accurate and also comes with a really great app that keeps track of all your data. It can also test ketones.

Click the link for the FORA6 Connect and use the code DANIELLE15 to get 15% off your order.

Testing your blood sugar is one of the most simple and effective way to make changes to your overall health.

This knowledge is worth its weight in gold!

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