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The key to better blood sugar is FAT

I had a call with a client last night who has Type 2 Diabetes. She told me that she’s frustrated because although her sugars have been getting better (sometimes into the 80s, 90s and 100s) they still go up after meals and she’s still not losing weight.

So I asked her to tell me what she was eating and she told me:

Meal 1️⃣: 1-2 eggs
Meal 2️⃣: salad or a chicken leg with tomato and cucumber
Snack: Handful of nuts or smoked salmon/cream cheese dip
Meal 3️⃣: grilled meat plus a veg like broccoli and then some berries

Besides needing to eat more in general, this eating plan is missing FATS!!!

Fats keep your blood sugar stable, reduce blood sugar and insulin spikes at meals, gives you long lasting energy, and teaches your body to burn fat for fuel instead of just glucose!!

Here’s what I would recommend instead:

Meal 1️⃣: 2-3 eggs with extra butter, 1/2 avocado & tomatoes (or other veg)
Meal 2️⃣: chicken leg with skin with veggies + olives, nuts, and heavy drizzle of olive oil. Salmon dip on the side. NO SNACK.
Meal 3️⃣: Grilled fatty steak or salmon, butter on top, cheese, veg, and berries with coconut.

See what I did there 😉🥥🥑🫒🧀🍳🧈🥩


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