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Are You Metabolically Flexible?

When you are not metabolically flexible and can’t easily burn body fat for fuel, your body will be dependent for energy from the carbohydrates you eat.

Think about carbohydrates like kindling in a fire.🔥 Carbs burn hot and fast. If there are no logs 🪵 in the fire (dietary & body fat) you will be out of fuel very quickly.

Your brain which is very energy hungry, will be the first to indicate to you that there is an energy crisis.

All of the symptoms above and more can be signs that your body is unable to burn body fat for fuel and this is often accompanied by cravings and urgent hunger for foods high in carbohydrates and sugar.

Becoming metabolically flexible is one of the keys to health! You can start by lowering carbs AND INCREASING FAT!

Remember, the fat is like the log in the fire. It will burn low and slow and give you energy for hours! If you can’t make it more than a few hours between meals, up the fat and see if that helps!

Do you experience any of these symptoms??

If so, check out the series of live videos I posted in my stories all about blood sugar: why you should care about it in the first place, symptoms of blood sugar issues and how they progress, holistic strategies for improving blood sugar, and my upcoming program BLOOD SUGAR MASTERY which will re-open for enrollment in November!!

In BLOOD SUGAR MASTERY, you’ll learn to master your blood sugar so you can become a fat-burning machine which will help you have more energy, better moods, less anxiety, a sharper mind, better sleep, fewer cravings, & more! 🙌

Can’t wait to see you all inside the program! 🥳 You can still reserve a spot on the waitlist via the link!


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