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What are the effects of sugar on your body and organs?

Consuming excess sugar & processed carbs and the resulting high blood sugar and insulin affects so much more than just our waistline.

You don’t just “burn off sugar” in the gym. Sugar and high blood sugar/insulin have many detrimental effects on our organs and our body.

The point of this post is to inform you & motivate you to prioritize your health because it is our greatest wealth and unfortunately, there’s no magic pill we can take to have optimal health.

We must prioritize our health and do the work if we want to live the life of our dreams.

Sugar is highly addictive and controlling blood sugar comes down to a lot more than just our diet.

Here are just some of the effects on our bodies:

1. Your brain on sugar- Sugar is highly addictive. Blood sugar issues can lead to brain fog, anxiety, headaches, low energy levels, dizziness, irritability, cravings and more. Over the long term, can contribute to the development of cognitive decline, memory loss,...

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