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Signs Of Low Blood Sugar

There’s a ton of info out there about high blood sugar but almost nothing about LOW blood sugar.

Often, this is the first stage we pass through as we are beginning to experience metabolic issues.

Sometimes high insulin drives down our blood sugar too low when fasting or after a meal.

Sometimes our low cortisol levels might not be able to keep our blood sugar in a healthy range.

And sometimes we can experience these *low* blood sugar symptoms at ANY blood sugar number.

Often my clients report they experience these symptoms if their blood sugar is dropping too quickly.

(And these symptoms may also occur for some people when their blood sugar gets too high! Confusing, I know!)

So if this is you, you are probably wondering what to do!

1️⃣ First off, start measuring your blood sugar when you feel these symptoms or with a Continuous Glucose Monitor so you can start to see your patterns.

2️⃣ Second, use strategies like eating lots of protein and healthy fats before carbs at meals, go for short walks after meals (if you can! Some can’t because their blood sugar crashes), and avoid naked carbs (carbs on their own without protein and fat).

3️⃣ If these strategies help SOME but don’t get you all the way there, you likely need a more in depth approach that addresses your: micronutrient status, digestion & gut health, adrenal function, liver health/toxicity, macro balance, stress levels, and more.

Luckily my program ✨Blood Sugar Mastery✨ addresses all of these areas and more AND you get coaching from me every step of the way (16 coaching calls and a private community forum to post questions and get coaching at any time)!

In Blood Sugar Mastery I have helped hundreds of students improve their blood sugar balance so they no longer had blood sugar crashes or those feelings of anxiety, irritability, intense and urgent hunger, cravings, etc.

You CAN get better and I can help!! Will you be my next Blood Sugar Mastery Success Story??!!

Want to learn some tips to start balancing your blood sugar now? Check out my post on my 6 to tips.


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