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Blood Sugar Friendly Breakfast Ideas

A blood sugar-friendly breakfast should contain loads of protein, healthy fats, and fiber!

It can also contain some carbs depending on your metabolic health, activity levels and your goals! (Carbs aren’t the devil, carbs are a tool!)

This helps keep your blood sugar stable and keeps you satiated for hours without that crash (that something like a big bowl of oatmeal will give you!).

My best tip for a fast breakfast is using leftovers from the day before.

For example, grab out some leftover chicken thighs & asparagus, reheat on a pan in some butter. Then pair with half an avocado and some raspberries and voilà!

A nutrient-dense, blood sugar stabilizing meal! But let's not forget our breakfast beverage!

Most people have blood sugar spikes from coffee. Plus, caffeine drives up cortisol and I think most of us are way too stressed to be borrowing from tomorrow's energy.

This is why I recommend to wean onto an organic, Swiss-Water Processed Decaf. @wearerasa has a great "dirty" blend with a little caffeine to help you wean down!

I always recommend coffee AFTER food as well. However, there are great alternatives such as RASA which is a coffee alternative. It has adaptogens to help support the adrenals instead of drain them! I love the Cacao blend!

Electrolytes or lemon water can be great as well. I recommend to go with unflavored because having a sweetener to start your day can drive cravings (it does this for me, anyway!).

Want to learn some great protein sources for your meals? Check out my post all about which protein sources are best for blood sugar stability.


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