If you're done with the lack of energy, the cravings, the crashes, and weight loss resistance...

Then it's time to MASTER YOUR BLOOD SUGAR!


Here's why your efforts in the past to get off sugar and carbs haven’t worked (even though you tried so hard):


Most people who are struggling with their health face one major (hidden) obstacle that always keeps them stuck in a cycle of avoiding sugar & carbs but then going back to it.


What is it?

Well before I tell you, let me ask you a question: Which of these apply to you?

  • You have no energy or have energy crashes throughout the day, so you end up using sugar and caffeine to power through…

  • You have mood issues like irritability, anxiety and depression, or feel super spacey and brain fogged.

  • You can’t sleep well. You either can’t fall asleep or stay asleep, or you may awaken with a racing heart and anxiety.

  • You have sugar and carb cravings and maybe feel like you lack self-control or willpower.

  • You have hormone imbalances like adrenal fatigue, PCOS, PMS, PMDD, estrogen dominance or thyroid issues.
  • If you answered yes to any of these then...


You’re a sugar burner!!

Our bodies were designed to burn BOTH fat & sugar for fuel. We can lose the ability to burn fat over time with our modern diets and lifestyle.

Our modern diets lead to blood sugar dysregulation (which blocks us from burning fat for energy!)

When you are a sugar burner & can't easily burn fat for fuel, you will be dependent on carbs & sugar to give you energy. 


πŸ‘‰ Blood sugar regulation controls how we feel at every moment of every day.

πŸ‘‰ Blood sugar affects every cell, organ, and physiological process in the body!

πŸ‘‰ Blood sugar levels have HUGE impacts on our long term health so they can either set us up for success or failure.

Your failure to keep carbs and sugar out of your life is NOT due to a lack of willpower; It’s due to your physiology!! Let’s break it down:

Chances are, if you relate to any of the symptoms above, like more than 88% of the population, you have blood sugar dysregulation and lack “metabolic flexibility”.

This essentially means that your body is stuck in a “sugar burning only” mode because you’ve lost the ability to efficiently burn fat for fuel.

That means that when you run out of sugar, instead of your body burning stored body fat for energy, it sounds the alarm because it perceives that you’re running out of fuel!

It will make you feel tired, anxious, irritable, HANGRY, shaky, dizzy, hungry, nauseous, lightheaded, heart palpitations, and of course.. Give you cravings for sugar and carbs!

Afterall, what your body is experiencing is an ENERGY CRISIS and it wants FAST energy. Being in this mode will also prevent you from fat loss! (Though you can still have all these issues and not be overweight).

πŸ‘‰ Being a sugar-burner keeps you dependent on carbs and sugar!!

πŸ‘‰ Being a sugar-burner is causing all these problems!

So what’s going to happen to your health if you stay a Sugar-Burner?

Blood sugar dysregulation is a spectrum. All the way on the left we have “optimal” blood sugar regulation.

As blood sugar issues worsen, symptoms become more severe & frequent, and impact more areas of the body.

So how can we fix this? By Becoming a fat-burner!

  • A Sugar-Burner has to eat every few hours or snack to keep up their energy levels and to keep them from feeling bad.
  • A sugar-burner might have a tremendously hard time losing weight or may be gaining weight no matter what they try.
  • A sugar-burner may feel shaky, dizzy, irritable or anxious if a meal is delayed.
  • A sugar-burner experiences urgent and intense hunger + irritability aka, hangry (“If I don’t eat something right now!!”).
  • A sugar-burner has trouble sleeping and may wake up in the night with a sugar crash.
  • A sugar-burner is likely to struggle with mood issues like anxiety & depression, and other neurological issues like brain fog.
  • A sugar-burner craves carbs, sweets, and/or starches.


  • Someone who’s metabolically flexible (let’s call them fat-burners for simplification) can go long periods without eating or energy crashes.
  • A fat-burner can lose weight.


  • A fat-burner feels fine if a meal is delayed.


  • A fat-burner’s hunger is not intense and can be put off (“I could eat”).


  • A fat-burner has much better sleep and does not awaken with a pounding heart.


  • A fat-burner has pleasant moods and a sharp mind.


  • A fat-burner does not have cravings and doesn’t need “something sweet” at the end of a meal. 

Being a fat-burner by controlling blood sugar gives you FREEDOM. Freedom from having to eat every few hours, freedom from bringing granola bars in your purse, freedom from constant cravings, freedom from needing coffee or energy drinks, freedom from moodiness, freedom from being stuck in a plateau!


But becoming a Fat-Burner on Your Own IS HARDER THAN YOU THINK!! If you're like so many clients who come to me, you might feel like: 

  • You might be totally overwhelmed from all the information out there and find it hard to know who to listen to.
  • Without a supportive community, you might find that making necessary changes can feel isolating and you’re actually less likely to succeed.
  • Controlling blood sugar is not just about taking carbs and sugar out of your diet. Remember - those physiological blood sugar crashes will overpower your willpower every time and send you right back to square 1.
  • Maybe you have had some progress but it completely stalled and now you’re left scratching your head for what to do next.

So where do you go from here? How do you actually master your blood sugar to find deep healing & start feeling better??


BLOOD SUGAR MASTERY isn’t a meal plan or another online course like others you may have taken. 

πŸ‘‰ It’s a complete transformational process that will change you from a struggling sugar burner to a fabulous fat-burner.

  • 7-CORE Modules packed with helpful & actionable content that gives you the tools to start making changes and feeling better right away
  •  +16 LIVE Blood sugar-Breakthrough coaching calls where you get individualized support, clarity and answers you need! All calls are recorded.
  •  Access to Supportive Community: a Private non-Facebook Community where you can get love, support & accountability.
  •  Tons of helpful resources & guides such as: Diet Roadmap, Shopping List, Handouts, Journaling Exercises, Blood sugar friendly breakfast guide, and other helpful downloadable resources
  •  Recommendations & Discounts for some of my favorite products, cookbooks, documentaries and more
  •  Bonus workshops and classes like a Batch Cooking Class, How to build a blood-sugar stable plate, Know Your Numbers: A guide to measuring blood sugar & understanding what your numbers mean, Mindset & Self-Sabotage workshop, and more!

It’s time to transform you and your blood sugar, just like these past students:


“I loved everything about this course! It was a 10/10. Doing things on my own in the past has worked for a little while. I would stick to it and then fall off the wagon. Your course has given me tools and information that not only has helped with my current health issues but will also help me be healthier as I age. Knowledge is power and I truly feel like the things I have learned in the last two months have truly changed my life. I feel empowered that I am helping my body heal.” -Ashley R.



Watch how Kristen reversed her Reactive Hypoglycemia and took control of her binge eating in Blood Sugar Mastery!


A Holistic Approach Makes All the Difference

Each module in BLOOD SUGAR MASTERY contains videos, exercises and guides specifically created to move you forward in your blood sugar & health journey with a holistic approach and comprehensive approach that goes WAY beyond just changing macros.

  • MODULE 1: Let food be thy medicine: Foods to add, foods to avoid, tricks for deciphering food labels, how to progress your diet no matter where you’re starting (Diet Roadmap)
  • MODULE 2: Digestion is the #1 healing priority of the body. Optimizing digestion is the first step to healing your gut and extracting nutrients out of your food to power & heal your body
  • MODULE 3: Stop the spikes: Build a blood sugar stable plate, learn hacks to keep blood sugar from spiking, learn to test your blood sugar, & learn all about sweeteners
  • MODULE 4: Become Fat Fueled: Learn how to become a fat burner, all about macros, testing for ketones, how to get into ketosis without weighing/ measuring/ counting (because who has the energy for that, seriously?!), and learn about intermittent fasting
  • MODULE 5: Elevate your energy: Learn strategies to supporting adrenals (one of the key organs involved in blood sugar control), how to optimize circadian rhythm, how to activate a parasympathetic state for deep healing, and glucose & hormone balance, strategies for better sleep, and movement/exercise recommendations
  • MODULE 6: Love your Liver: Strategies to support your liver (another key organ in blood sugar regulation), reduce your toxic load, strategies to support fatty liver, and gentle detox strategies
  • MODULE 7: Have your carbs and eat them too: How to optimize metabolic flexibility, when and why to do carb ups to support female hormones

Why you can no longer afford to ignore your Blood Sugar Control:

Blood sugar dysregulation progresses over time if it’s not addressed:

Currently over 91% of the adult population in the United States is metabolically unhealthy. The number of people with Type II Diabetes is expected to DOUBLE by 2045!

According to the CDC in 2020,

  • Total: 34.2 million people have diabetes (10.5% of the US population)
  • Diagnosed: 26.9 million people
  • Undiagnosed: 7.3 million people (21.4% are undiagnosed)
  • Total: 88 million people aged 18 years or older have prediabetes (34.5% of the adult US population) That’s more than 1 in 3 people!

So are you ready to stop wasting your precious time with strategies that don’t address the root cause, with copying someone else on Instagram, with blindly following meal plans that leave you hungry or craving, or trying the same thing for the 20th time hoping this time it will work?

From tired and grumpy to energetic and motivated:

“My biggest struggle everyday before taking this course was my energy level. I would wake up in the morning and dread getting up because I knew I was going to feel awful all day long. By 10 am my eyes were burning and I had already had two cups of coffee. I was grumpy with my kids and had zero patience. By 4:00pm I was falling asleep while I was driving. I had zero energy for workouts and had no zest for life, which is not like me.

Now a typical day for me now is eating to fuel my body. I don't think about food like I used to in between meals. I have the energy to workout hard and I haven't felt like that in a really long time. I feel motivated to take all my supplements, drink my water and have complete food freedom. I feel amazing mentally too.”

Sarah C.

A self-proclaimed sugar addict now easily living without sugar:

“My wins from the program include control of my blood sugar. I have always been a sugar addict and could never have fathomed that I could go without it. I go days without even remotely thinking about treats and when I, on occasion, have had a treat, they don't even taste all that good anymore. I gained increased metabolic flexibility in that I can go for periods without eating and still feel great. I now have the energy to run around and play with my kids, exercise, do work, and show up for my friends and family. I easily lost 15 pounds and have kept it off without any struggles. I fit into clothes I had destined to give away because I thought there was no way that after having 3 kids I could wear them again. I was recently in a wedding and felt pretty and sexy for the first time since forever.

-Anamae F

Why the root cause approach is so different and effective:

“My biggest "aha" moment was truly understanding how blood sugar is the key to life. I have been trying to fix my acne, hair loss, energy issues etc in all the wrong ways. Saw palmetto for my skin, biotin for my hair. This doesn't get to the root cause. I was always looking for the next thing to try, always so hopeful that staying up til 3 am doing research would lead me to some magic cure. I knew sugar was deadly for me but I didn't understand that even good carbs were not good for me.” 

-Heather T.

Lifelong acne issues finally gone at 41:

“Joining this program and truly understanding what it means to fuel your body has not only given me the energy that I desperately needed but it also also helped my skin.  I am 41 years old and have struggled since I was 12 with acne.  I have done accutane twice, every laser, every cream, every antibiotic known to man.  The irony is that all those things have actually hurt me- damaged my gut.  My skin is glowing.  At 41 I can say that my skin has truly never been better in my entire life.  I've had people compliment me and that has literally never happened.  I've had such low self esteem in the past because of breakouts and I feel so thrilled that it looks so good right now.” 

-G. M.


Pay In Full

$6,000 Value

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  • 8 Informative Video Modules ($1000 value)
  • Helpful guides & downloads ($300 value)
  • Blood Sugar Diet Roadmap ($200 value)
  • Personalized "root cause" chart and interpretation ($300 value)
  • Access to private online community for support & accountability ($500 value)
  • Twice weekly live coaching calls ($1700 value)
  • Personalized support and troubleshooting from Dani throughout your 8 week journey ($1500 value)
  • 2 month prescription for Continuous Glucose Monitors ($60 value) 
  • Bonuses: Batch Cooking Class, Self-Sabotage & Limiting Beliefs Workshop, Reactive Hypoglycemia Masterclass & more ($500 value)
  • Option to add on Supplement Protocol Consultation at discounted rate
  • Option to join Beyond Blood Sugar Mastery Membership upon completion of program 

Payment Plan

$6,000 Value

for 6 months

Low Monthly Cost

  • 8 Informative Video Modules ($1000 value)
  • Helpful guides & downloads ($300 value)
  • Blood Sugar Diet Roadmap ($200 value)
  • Personalized "root cause" chart and interpretation ($300 value)
  • Access to private online community for support & accountability ($500 value)
  • Twice weekly live coaching calls ($1700 value)
  • Personalized support and troubleshooting from Dani throughout your 8 week journey ($1500 value)
  • 2 month prescription for Continuous Glucose Monitors ($60 value)
  • Bonuses: Batch Cooking Class, Self-Sabotage & Limiting Beliefs Workshop, Reactive Hypoglycemia Masterclass & more ($500 value) 
  • Option to add on Supplement Protocol Consultation at discounted rate
  • Option to join Beyond Blood Sugar Mastery Membership upon completion of program


Bonus #1:

Batch Cooking Classes - my quick and easy method to tasty blood sugar-stabilizing meals

Bonus #2:

Video: How to build a blood-sugar stable plate without counting or measuring macros

Bonus #3:

Know Your Numbers: A masterclass on measuring & understanding blood sugar with glucose monitors

Bonus #4:

Mindset & Limiting Beliefs Workshop by Sugar Freedom Coach Danielle Daem

Bonus #5:

Burn Fat Fast - A Rapid Weight Loss Protocol from Hormone Expert Karen Martel

Bonus #6:

My wildly popular Reactive Hypoglycemia Masterclass - TONS of strategies to keep blood sugar stable and stop crashing!

End cravings and indecision. Learn to be the Master of your Blood Sugar!


About your Instructor:


Danielle Hamilton is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Restorative Wellness Practitioner who specializes in blood sugar regulation, digestion and holistic health.


She has been interviewed on the Quit Sugar Summit, the Kick Sugar Summit, the Keto Answers Podcast, the KetoKamp Podcast, the Meat Rx Podcast and is the host of the top rated Unlock the Sugar Shackles Podcast. Dani was a speaker at KetoCon 2022 and will be presenting again this year in 2023.

Decades of PMS, hormone and digestive issues resolving in only a few weeks:

“My cycles have been intermittently irregular for about 10yrs. (I'm just 40, but had my Thyroid removed at 30, which wrecked my hormone balance, my gut health etc.). I stuck to the carnivore diet for almost all of 2020, which regulated my blood sugar and my cycles for the most part. But, I was having terrible PMS symptoms related to my gut health, back aches, migraines, spotting and massive bloating and constipation. After getting on the supplements recommended by Dani based on my symptom chart, and doing some carb ups last month and this month around ovulation and the week before my cycle, I am happy to report that I experienced:

  • Zero migraines
  • Zero spotting
  • Mild back ache
  • Mild bloating, what I would consider normal water bloat
  • And best of all, NO constipation!!

I can't remember if that has ever happened, I always used to get backed up for at least 2 days… usually much longer. Stay diligent, be patient and kind to yourself. It takes time to really heal and find what works best, and when you do it is SO worth it!”