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Blood Sugar Friendly Guide To Eating Out

Do you like eating out? 🤔 maybe you enjoy take-out on a regular basis?

If you're like me - I used to love eating out all the time! I thought it saved me time and energy. Although it did save me time - I was constantly exposed to seed oils, added sugar/gluten and soy on a regular basis which made my symptoms worse.

Here are some blood sugar friendly ideas for a health conscious person 😉 if you're eating out!

  1. Ask for food to be cooked in olive oil or butter
  2. Salad with vinegar to start
  3. Protein forward meals
  4. Minimal sauces
  5. Go for grilled vs. fried
  6. Earlier reservations (5-6PM)
  7. Save carbs for last


✅ Progress > perfection
💥 You CAN make it healthy
💎 The order in which you eat your food WILL make a difference
❌ It's not about constant restriction. We're human in the end 😉
🔑 Most restaurants will be willing to accommodate your needs
⚡️ It's OK to ask your food to be cooked in olive oil or butter

Now tell me - what is #1 thing you'll try differently when going out to eat?


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