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My Favorite Drinks To Boost Energy Without Caffeine

Looking to cut down on caffeine?? These are 5 of the drinks that I have on a regular basis to help my energy levels.

Pssst: I can’t tell you how many clients I have who have slowly eliminated caffeine and then told me they have WAY more energy… just saying…

I put @redmondrealsalt in all the water I drink. I drink @wearerasa regularly to support my adrenals and also help me wind down or when I’m just craving a warm beverage and don’t want more coffee. I drink Quinton minerals every morning on an empty stomach. I drink @drinkkenetik ketones when I have a cognitively demanding task like podcasting or recording videos or writing copy, or before a workout! And I drink @goodideaus before some of my meals that have carbs (usually if I go to a party or to the beach or to a place where I can’t control the menu and I don’t feel like drinking nasty tasting Apple Cider Vinegar). I also have weaned myself to fully (organic Swiss water process decaf)...

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