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My Favorite Drinks To Boost Energy Without Caffeine

Looking to cut down on caffeine?? These are 5 of the drinks that I have on a regular basis to help my energy levels.

Pssst: I can’t tell you how many clients I have who have slowly eliminated caffeine and then told me they have WAY more energy… just saying…

I put @redmondrealsalt in all the water I drink. I drink @wearerasa regularly to support my adrenals and also help me wind down or when I’m just craving a warm beverage and don’t want more coffee. I drink Quinton minerals every morning on an empty stomach. I drink @drinkkenetik ketones when I have a cognitively demanding task like podcasting or recording videos or writing copy, or before a workout! And I drink @goodideaus before some of my meals that have carbs (usually if I go to a party or to the beach or to a place where I can’t control the menu and I don’t feel like drinking nasty tasting Apple Cider Vinegar). I also have weaned myself to fully (organic Swiss water process decaf) because caffeinated coffee spikes my blood sugar!

So to sum it up here are my favorite energy boosting drinks without caffeine:

1. Water with mineral salt

2. RASA coffee alternative

3. Kenetik Ketones

4. Good Idea bubbly water

5. Quinton minerals


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