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Find Out Which Foods Are The Worst For Blood Sugar Levels!

Wondering what kind of things we study in Blood Sugar Mastery?

In module 1️⃣ we take a deep dive into which foods are bad for blood sugar, which ones to focus on, and which ones to slowly start reducing.

The best foods for our blood sugar are those with fats &/or protein.

Fat has almost no impact on our blood sugar & insulin levels.

Think of fat as like a 🪵 on a 🔥. It burns low & slow providing long lasting energy.

Protein has a small effect on blood sugar & insulin and that effect is lessened when the protein is eaten with a lot of fat.

e.g., A fatty ribeye steak won’t spike you as much as a chicken breast because of the fats.

That’s why when it comes to stable blood sugar, I always recommend “fatty proteins” like beef, eggs, salmon, etc.

⚠️ Some of the worst offenders for blood sugar are refined sugars, flour & vegetable oils.

Vegetable oils, like oils used for frying, used at restaurants, & those used in most processed foods, inflame insulin receptors causing insulin resistance and blood sugar issues.

Be mindful of drinks too! A sweet tea is not necessarily better than a soda because both are loaded with sugar!

Oat milk in particular is terrible for blood sugar because not only are oats high glycemic, oat milk almost always contains vegetable oils and sometimes added sugar. Not to mention, oats also are heavily sprayed with glyphosate. Seriously, stop drinking oat milk.

Other processed & packaged breakfast and snack foods are also among the worst offenders!

These foods are highly processed & refined which means they will have a faster and stronger impact on your blood sugar because they basically dissolve in your mouth and become sugar.

Prioritizing cooking foods from home and loading up on healthy fats and fatty proteins are a great start for better blood sugar!

Of course many people may know this but are unable to put it into action.

That’s why we have sooo many strategies to combat this in Blood Sugar Mastery including 16 coaching calls over 8 weeks + a private community to get support and accountability!

P.S. Next round begins in November! Looking forward to seeing you!


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