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Benefits of Whole, Real Foods, the Dangers of Ultra-Processed Foods

This week in BLOOD SUGAR MASTERY we are learning all about the benefits of whole, real foods, the dangers of ultra-processed foods, and how to discern the difference between acceptable vs non acceptable minimally processed foods.

Eating whole foods is the key to health and is the first step for optimizing your blood sugar & your health!

Minimally processed foods can make our life easier and can have a place in a modern, healthy, blood sugar-stabilizing diet!

It’s essential to learn how to read ingredients & sift through marketing claims to know what to look for and what is just a marketing ploy (“all natural,” “free range,” “no high fructose corn syrup”, “non-GMO”, etc)

And finally, ultra processed foods contain a shit load of ingredients which have been heavily processed. Foods have been stripped of their nutrients and the food is often so devoid of nutrition, they add back in synthetic vitamins and minerals. (These are...

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