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Discovering Methylene Blue: a super charger for your cells

A few months ago, I returned home after attending the Dragonfly conference in Boulder, CO. I was exhausted from the travel, the stress, the time change, and the altitude. But I really needed to be on top of my game to continue producing content and serving my clients. That's when I decided to give methylene blue a try. 

I had heard about methylene blue before, but I had never actually taken it. It was an instant game-changer for me. It felt like it completely and instantly wiped away all the fatigue from the weekend!

It helped me have a sharp mind and a boost of energy. I started including it in my daily routine before recording, podcasting sessions, or any activity where I needed to be mentally sharp. It made a world of difference for me!


What makes Methylene Blue special?

Methylene blue is a chemical compound that acts as a power booster for your cells

It helps your mitochondria—the energy centers of...

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