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If Your Body Can’t Efficiently Burn Fat or Produce Ketones, Your Need for Sugar Increases

Stop blaming it on your willpower. If your body can’t efficiently burn fat or produce ketones, your need for sugar increases.

This damaged metabolism is what drives sugar and carb cravings.

Your body senses an energy crisis, and since it can’t get what it needs from fats or ketones, it will drive you to seek out your only other fuel source: sugar!

Improving your metabolism, becoming a fat burner, and getting into a state of nutritional ketosis can begin healing the metabolism so it is more flexible and efficient.

This decreases the demand for glucose and will finally help reduce cravings and sugar dependency.

So excited to be diving into the “how to” with this incredible group of students in my Blood Sugar Mastery course!!

Do you feel dependent on sugar?? Do you do fine for a few days but then inevitably “fall off”??

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