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How to use a CGM toĀ improve your health

Transforming Your Metabolic Health with a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

In an age where information abounds on the internet, we must take charge of our health and do our own testing to understand how our body reacts to different foods. Blood sugar is very personal; the same food can have totally different consequences for different people. For example, avocado toast may trigger a big glucose spike in one person but not in another.

The time of day, the season of the year we're in, whether we're outside or under artificial light, how well we slept, our stress levels, can all impact our blood sugar levels!

This is where glucose monitors come in- these are tools that help us know ourselves better and make informed decisions about our health.

One of my latest obsessions is Veri. Not only do they provide access to a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), but they have also developed an exceptional app that empowers you to understand your body, make informed decisions, and transform...

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