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7 "Healthy" Foods That Wreak Havoc On Blood Sugar Levels

Have you been deceived by the marketing on these foods?? I certainly have!

Just because a food is *marketed* as healthy, doesn’t mean it is. Or that it’s good for your blood sugar.

Even in non-diabetics, blood sugar spikes and dips have been shown in research to be more harmful to health and lead to increased inflammation and cardiovascular events as compared with even steady higher blood sugar levels.

Reducing blood sugar spikes is important for everyone and it can start with swapping out these Super Spikers!

So where are these "fake healthy" foods usually hiding?

1. Oat Milk

2. Fruity Yogurt

3. Granola or Protein Bars

4. Rice Cakes

5. Cereal

6. Dried Fruit

7. Sauces/ Condiments

Make sure to always pay attention to carb content as well as sugar content.

The best way to see how much these foods spike you is by testing your own blood sugar with a continuous glucose monitor.

If you want to get support with your blood sugar, to know what you should eat that makes you feel good...

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