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It’s time to break up with your morning oatmeal!! Even though it’s a “complex carb” it still raises the blood sugar for HOURS!!

We want to avoid spiking the blood sugar in this way because it’s inflammatory and raises insulin levels. This can lead to excess hunger, cravings, headaches and lots of other symptoms of blood sugar dysregulation.

In the graph on the left, I had oatmeal with cashew butter, full fat Greek yogurt, coconut, bee pollen and raspberries. All of those toppings are low carb and some contain healthy fats.

The presence of those fats was not enough to prevent a spike.

With the chia seed pudding on the other hand, I still had some fat-filled or low carb toppings like raw cacao, pecans, cacao nibs and a few wild blueberries.

The difference is very clear: absolutely NO spike in my blood sugar at all from the chia seed pudding!!

Important notes: neither chia seed pudding nor oatmeal contains a sufficient amount of protein to be a complete, satiating, nourishing meal.

I am not a fan of protein powders but potentially at least some collagen should be added to the chia pudding to ⬆️ protein or have some eggs first to make the meal complete.

Another note: due to the fact that there wasn’t enough protein, I got hungry 2 hours later and ate. That’s why in the graph on the right my blood sugar started rising after two hours. That wasn’t from the pudding.

Here’s the recipe for the chia pudding:
1/4 cup chia seeds mixed in 1 cup of full fat, canned coconut milk. Blend it smooth if you want or leave it as is. Allow to sit for at least 4 hours in the fridge or overnight. Add toppings from slide 2. Have a healthy protein with the pudding (like eggs) to make it a meal.


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