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"I don't know why I can't lose weight on Paleo" Starter Pack

I couldn’t figure out why I had such a hard time losing weight when I ate paleo. ⁣

On the daily I would have foods & snacks like these and not surprisingly, at this time I also had insulin resistance and PCOS.⁣

I was eating wayyyyy too much sugar and too many carbs for my body. EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE “HEALTHY” CARBS. ⁣

None of these foods have added sugars or refined sugars but they all have a shitload of natural sugars or starches. ⁣

Plantain chips: refined and dehydrated a bit so the starch hits you quicker and spikes you more than with just a regular plantain which already has a ton of carbs!⁣

Coconut water: super sugary with no fiber to slow down the absorption⁣

Kombucha: On average they have about 16g of fruit sugar per bottle! Want probiotics without the sugar? Try sauerkraut instead⁣

Larabars: Dried fruits and some nuts and the ones I got often had chocolate chips because, chocolate. A sugar bomb since dried fruit spikes your sugar way more than regular fruit since it’s essentially condensed. ⁣

Açaí bowls: Tons of fruit blended. Even if I got low carb, fatty toppings like coconut and nut butter, it wasn’t enough to curb the spike. ⁣

Dried mango: a total sugar bomb because dried fruit is wayyy more sugary than already sugary mangoes!⁣

Sweet potato fries: lots of starch that leads to a blood sugar spike, often because of how many you eat! You don’t ever just have “a few fries”. These would be especially bad if they were from a restaurant because they’d have been cooked in toxic vegetable oils. ⁣

I never ever paid attention to carbs when I did paleo because I just didn’t know!! ⁣

A lot of people may move from a standard American diet to eating these foods which is certainly a step up from say these: 🥯🍕🍟🍰🍪🍩, but if you’re eating the foods in the photo and still struggling, it’s time to break up with the idea of “healthy sugar.” ⁣

There may be a few more vitamins in the foods above but those foods will still cause blood sugar spikes which are inflammatory and come with the inevitable cycle of carb consumption: cravings, energy fluctuations, weight gain, brain fog, feeling hangry, etc. ⁣


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