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Carbs To Temporarily Reduce For Better Blood Sugar

In 2013, I was eating a whole food, paleo diet that just helped me effortlessly get rid of my severe seasonal allergies, asthma, chronic sinus infections, Candida and get off my 5 prescription meds.

But I started gaining weight, I lost my period for 6 months, my acne was worse than ever, I was tired all the time, was waking up shaky, needed to eat every few hours….

So what was happening?! I was eating all healthy, real foods?!

What was happening was that I was not paying attention to my blood sugar! Even though I was eating *healthy* carbs, I was eating WAYYYY too many for my body’s needs at the time.

I temporarily cut out these foods, added more healthy fats and voilà.. good bye insulin resistance, hypoglycemia & PCOS!!

The good news is that after some time, I was able to start adding back in these foods in smaller quantities with no change in symptoms and without my PCOS, hypoglycemia or IR returning.

We need to get rid of all or nothing thinking and be more flexible so we can learn when to dial things up and down.

When I say “reduce” that might mean NONE of these foods for some time and for others, a small portion might be fine and not affect blood sugar.

But how do you know how much or how little of these to eat?? How do you know if you should remove them completely and for how long? How will you know when to experiment with adding them back in and in what quantity?

This is what I help you do in my program Blood Sugar Mastery.

For now I recommend starting with testing your blood sugar after you eat these foods.

Remember, these foods are not inherently bad, they might just be blocking your healing! They also might work for some because #bioindividuality.

I recommend getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor from my friends at @nutrisenseio and when you use the code SUGAR at checkout, not only do you get $30 off but you also get a free month of dietitian support to help you interpret your data and customize your diet to YOU!

Let’s not demonize whole food carbs but instead use them as tools! ✨ Who’s with me?!

Want to learn more about the myths about carbs? Check out my post all about carbs as an energy source.


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