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Best Protein Sources for Blood Sugar Stability - You'll want to know this!

Did you know that excess proteins can’t be stored in the body so the body will convert excess proteins to glucose which will trigger a release of insulin?

This process is called gluconeogenesis. It is a demand driven process and I see it occur very frequently in my clients with Reactive Hypoglycemia because they are sugar burners (and lack metabolic flexibility), thus the demand for glucose is often higher.

Additionally, protein causes a mild an insulin response so without the fat, this affect is more pronounced. Add carbs to the mix and you’re looking at a significant blood sugar and big insulin spike (which may come with an inevitable crash for my RH friends)

This is why the recommendations on a keto diet are for fatty, not lean protein.

When we eat proteins that come with fat, this helps to slow the absorption of the glucose and blunt blood sugar spikes, thereby reducing the chance of a blood sugar crash.

Fats have virtually no effect on blood sugar & insulin and keep you satiated and energized for hours.

Fats are like logs on the fire- they burn low and slow 🪵🔥 Carbs are like the kindling, burning hot and fast.

PS- Many people can do fine with some lean protein but if you have blood sugar crashes or RH, you may want to experiment with fattier proteins and observe the effect in your blood sugar.

Again, this is not saying no one should ever have the foods on the right, but if you’re struggling w crashes or blood sugar issues, experiment with the foods on the left!


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