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Reactive Hypoglycemia Masterclass

Blood Sugar crashes can be debilitating!! Whether you are tired of:

  • the anxiety
  • that horrible feeling when you're crashing
  • waking up with a pounding heart
  • the constant checking of your sugars
  • having to carry food with you everywhere you go
  • doctors not believing you & telling you that "it's just anxiety" or "it can't be a blood sugar crash because it's not below 50"
  • or your inability to participate in life for fear that you will crash...

...you're in the right place!

👉 In this masterclass we dive into the root causes of RH, symptoms of RH, and most importantly, strategies to start improving and feeling better right away!


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I am so happy that I was able to attend your reactive hypoglycemia masterclass. It was life changing for me:) I had been struggling with reactive hypoglycemia for the past year. I had been seen by several doctors who just told me I was having anxiety or low blood sugar. I was being treated for low blood sugar and the problem escalated. I purchased a glucose reader and realized, it was neither but in fact reactive hypoglycemia. After attending your course, I finally knew I was not crazy, or having anxiety and finally have gotten some relief and help to living a better life again. My overall well being has greatly improved. I am able to wake up and have a clear mind. I am not having to check my blood sugar level as much because I feel great and know I am not having crashes. My skin is cleared up and overall I have much more energy. I am also having better digestion and issues with my stomach I feel have improved.

Jessica S.

I know it hasn’t been that Long but I’ve been hitting the RH eating pretty hard .. almost perfectly, and I don’t feel those lows at the 3 hour mark like unused to.. I can go longer, I’ve been sleeping through the night and I don’t wake up feeling like I have to grab something bedside because I feel so hypo. It’s by far the most stable it’s felt in almost 5 years 🤯 ZERO carb/ sugar cravings whatsoever. This eating is my sweet spot for sureeeeeeee. So glad I did the class. I’m also down 9lbs which is insane but I’m still eating carbs .. just small amounts of healthy ones!

Jennifer R.

I had already learned so many foundational items of what to eat/labels etc but the RH class was amazingggggg. I always have a shake with berries, veggie, protein, fat thinking I was covering my basis and I'd end up hungry usually in 3 hours on the dot.. drink it around 8.. need to eat at 11.. Well this morning I did mixed veggies in some oil, 2 eggs with some full fat cheese and a couple olives at 7:15.. and I'm still full 5 hours later!!! You are literally amazing."


This course was very helpful in connecting the fact that my blood sugar dysregulation is due to adrenal dysfunction. I felt like this knowledge was comforting. The tips in this course helped me to have somewhere to start on my journey to healing. My blood sugar is much more stable and I have less of a reaction to sugar and carbs now.


The biggest change I've made so far since watching the masterclass is adding FATS! Oh my goodness... I did not realize how much I was lacking in that area. That and eliminating naked carbs has helped to keep my energy levels up and mindless monster eating down…significant change in how I feel daily!


I recently did your RH course (and loved it of course). I just wanted to share with you that since buying a finger prick glucose monitor, I’ve been fascinated by the readings. I just wanted to let you know how fascinating your course was and how I’m trying to improve my health with the knowledge you have given me and how grateful I am so thank you. I am making progress for sure.

Emma, New Zealand