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The Earliest Signs of Blood Sugar Issues

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2021

The earliest signs of blood sugar issues are often accompanied by hunger (or can happen after you eat).

Hunger should not feel urgent or be accompanied by any of these symptoms!!

These symptoms indicate that the body is perceiving an energy dip and these symptoms will send you to go get more food, often times in the form of sugar, carbs, energy drinks or coffee.

These symptoms might be common but are not normal.

Typically they happen as blood sugar is dropping below 70 mg/dL but can also happen at ANY blood sugar number.

These symptoms indicate your body is inefficient at burning fat for fuel.

If they happen after a meal, they can be a sign of Reactive Hypoglycemia.

If you want to learn how to improve your metabolism so you can reverse these symptoms and stop the crashes, click here to purchase the Reactive Hypoglycemia Masterclass: https://www.daniellehamiltonhealth.com/offers/8vXLnBA5


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