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Snacking trains your metabolism to want more snacks

This is a concept from Dr. Cate Shanahan’s book The Fatburn Fix. ⁣

“Whenever you snack, you are teaching your metabolism unhealthy habits. Whether we’re talking about snacking on candy or soda, fruit or nuts, protein bars or protein shakes, if you want to lose weight, you need to break the snacking habit.⁣

When you snack frequently, the circadian clock in your stomach is set to alarm at whatever time you normally snack, and when that clock goes off, you get hungry.⁣

In other words, snacking trains your metabolism to make you want more snacks. The more times you eat on any given day, the more time you’ll spend building fat instead of burning it. ⁣

Just like anything else you practice, by snacking, you’ll get better and better at building fat; meanwhile your metabolism almost never gets to practice burning it. ⁣

“We can be tricked into thinking snacking is healthy if snacking makes us feel temporarily better. ⁣

If we’re tired and snacks give us more energy, we can easily be tricked into thinking that snacking is boosting our metabolism. ⁣

But don’t be fooled. Even snacks that boost your energy are disrupting your fatburn.”⁣

Some people with hypoglycemia are not ready to stop snacking 100% but many people can reduce their snacking simply by eating more fat and protein, and fewer carbs at meal time. ⁣


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