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Most of us spend too much time in a stressed, sympathetic state!

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2021

Most of us spend too much time in a stressed, sympathetic state!

It’s ok to be in that state some of the time but when we are chronically in that state, many imbalances and health issues can arise.

In a parasympathetic state we rest and digest, obviously, but we also experience repair of tissues, balancing of hormones & blood sugar, as well as detoxification.

When we are in a chronic stressed state, our livers will produce glucose, our adrenals will continue to stimulate the production of stress hormones, and these things can lead to insulin resistance, hormone imbalances, lack of healing and detox, and digestive/gut issues.

Stress is not going anywhere but we can purposefully take our body out of a stressed state with many different tools.

Some of my favorites are:
•epsom salt baths
•acupuncture or acupressure
•EFT / tapping
•time in nature / grounding
•receiving massage
•chiropractic care
•singing / chanting / humming
•restorative / yin yoga
•float tanks

What are your favorite ways to get your body into a rest and digest state?? Do you have trouble remembering or making time for these practices (I sure do struggle with this!!) 👇


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