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Macro Ratios In Different Foods

Unless you have looked it up or tracked with a macro calculator, you might not know what macro nutrients make up your foods.

🍳 Eggs are a great source of bioavailable protein and healthy fats but since they only have 6g of protein per egg, just be sure to have more than 2 to have a filling meal! Eggs are a complete protein.

πŸ₯£ Oats are mostly carbs. That’s why they lead to blood sugar spikes!! They are NOT a good source of protein at all.

🫘 Chickpeas… we might hear that they are high in protein but are they really?? NO! They’re mostly carbs! I think this might surprise some people. Chickpeas are not a good source of protein because it doesn’t have a lot AND because plant proteins are not as bioavailable as animal proteins and they’re also incomplete proteins meaning they lack certain amino acids.

πŸ₯œAnd often we hear that peanut butter is a good source of protein but again, the macros don’t lie… peanuts are NOT a good source of protein. Because it is a plant, the protein is even less bioavailable and it is incomplete.


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