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Could THIS be why youโ€™re not seeing progress or plateauing?? ๐Ÿ‘†

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2021

Could THIS be why you’re not seeing progress or plateauing?? ๐Ÿ‘†

Before I went to Nutritional Therapy school, I thought it was all about the food. And maybe some supplements but I never saw benefit from them.

Diet changes are really really important but they’re not the only change we need.

Also, taking random supplements for every symptom will probably be a waste (trust me, been there!). Only a targeted supplement protocol addressing root causes will really move the needle.

And copying someone can only get you so far because we are all different!!

This is why the Blood Sugar Mastery program is so different and so effective. In the program we target all of these root causes with a BioIndividual approach.

There’s no one size fits all macros or meal plans. I teach you where to start, how to listen to your body, and what to do next. We address ALL the areas on the right and my past students have experienced incredible transformations with this approach!!

Blood Sugar Mastery is my *new & improved* 8-week signature coach program.

You get lifetime access to 9 jam packed modules which contain videos, guides, handouts, classes & workshops to help you become the master of your blood sugar.

There are also weekly calls where you get individual coaching and support to help you troubleshoot and accelerate your progress.

Doors to enrollment will be open December 28th and the course begins on January 5th!

If you want to learn more or to be the first to hear when doors are open for enrollment, make sure you get on the VIP waitlist ๐Ÿฅณ


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