“It took me a while to write this because I had a hard time putting into words just how much working with Danielle changed my life. Yup, changed my LIFE. My entire outlook on my body, and everything that I put into has been forever changed for the better. I've struggled with my weight my whole life, even when I thought I was "eating well". I saw changes here and there as far as the scale, but I never truly "felt great". Not until I worked with Danielle. Her knowledge, expertise, understanding and motivation is what gave me the drive to do better and be better for myself and my family. From the initial interview, to the thorough survey about my body, I knew this plan was going to be different and it was. Cutting out sugar, eating clean and real food (who knew the things I grew up on weren't real food?!) of course took pounds and inches off my body, but everything else that happened is what made it worth it. Headaches? GONE! Sleepless nights? GONE! Countless digestive issues? GONE! I have never in my life felt this type of energy, mental clarity and peace. What I loved the most is that Danielle GUIDED me, forced nothing on me and let the results and my body speak for itself. This is how I know working with Danielle was the absolute best choice for myself and my future. I could not have had a more positive experience and I would and have recommended her to anyone desperately looking for the knowledge needed to change the way you eat and more importantly, feel.” -K.M.



“Before we met Dani, we were frustrated. We had just gottent married. When we looked at our pictures, the day was absolutely beautiful but thepeople that we were looking at were not the best version of themselves. Stress, allergies, hormone imbalances, sugar addiction, low metabolism.. Eating what we thought was “healthy” had really taken its toll on use and we could see it; we could feel it.

A dear friend of ours told us about Dani and we looked her up. We listened to some podcasts and we, though a bit skeptical, liked what we were hearing. After talking it over, we figured we’d go ahead and have a consult with her. I think the biggest thing we walked away with is that she KNOWS what she’s talking about and has lived it for herself. We figured we had nothing to lose so we signed on to work with her. We were impressed with the tests and evaluations that we had to take that gave us real data that was measurable and aligned with things we already know from bloodwork and other medical tests. However, the medical community did not go far enough to teach us better habits.

Not going to lie, the first week was tough because we came to grips with just how addicted to sugar we both were. Making that shift is not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. We had already been familiar with keto and even though we weren’t doing a ketogenic program, having that knowledge helped. We were able to find some very satisfying alternatives for our journey and it was just that, a journey. We each responded differently and at different times, but when the changes started, it was so encouraging. So, here we are, in the clothes from the back of our closet (you know that space) fitting again, feeling and looking great. Embracing this as our lifestyle, not just a fad. Enjoying new recipes and foods without the “day after” effect, and BUTTER! Love you Dani, thank you!” -J.A & C.A.



Dani has curated a unique practice that gives you practical knowledge and skills to apply to your individual health aspirations or deficiencies. Her functional evaluation and supplement testing is like nothing I have ever experienced in a healthcare setting. The best part is she offers you all natural alternatives to aiding your body to wellness. Dani's knowledge is matched by her deep passion for the subject. You can tell she genuinely wants to help and see you thrive, and she does this with an enormously generous heart. I highly recommend that you invest in your health by working with Dani. -L.M.



Being someone in the helping field, I value and see the importance of when it’s time to go and seek outside help. I was at a point where my health escaped me and was not a priority.  Having Danielle in my life is exactly what I needed to start this new life style. Danielle’s knowledge, guidance, and support is what I needed to get my health back. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work closely with her, as I now know how to heal my body so it no longer works against me BUT works for me! I highly recommend you reach out to Danielle so she can help you get to your health goals; as I by far have surpassed mine! -Samantha Ozegovich, LMSW



Some of the things that I was having problems with before I reached out to Dani for help were bloating, heartburn, being tired a lot and moodiness. She guided me on what supplements to take, foods to cut out, when to eat certain foods and a big one is really reading labels. (I annoy myself because it is so frustrating to see exactly what is in some of the foods I used to eat.)  I feel so much better. Heartburn is under control after taking Omeprazole for 15 years! Not once did these doctors mention changing my diet! Bloating is better and no more after lunch crashes. I feel like i'm in a better mood too! I’ve also gotten down to my ideal weight and lost many inches from my waist. Overall feeling and looking better! -C.H.