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Prebiotics or Probiotics? Digestive enzymes or Betaine HCl? Folate or folic acid? There are tons of supplements out there and it can be overwhelming!

Wanting a little extra guidance with supplements? Check the box to add a 20-minute Zoom consult with Dani where she will give you a personalized supplement protocol based on your individual needs. You can also use that time to ask any questions!


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Balance Unlocked Project ONLINE PROGRAM

In this self-paced online program you will get all the tools to start reversing insulin resistance, balancing blood sugar, eliminating cravings, busting plateaus and more!

What you'll get:

  • 10+ hours of video content
  • Helpful guides, downloads, and shopping lists
  • A personalized guide to your "root causes" 
  • 20% lifetime discount off Practitioner-Grade Supplements
  • Lifetime access to the program so you can go at your own pace

What you'll feel:

  • Confidence and clarity in knowing what to eat that will make you feel good
  • Less inflammation and reduced bloating
  • Refreshed from a better night's sleep
  • More energy from better blood sugar
  • Reduced cravings and feeling more satiated
  • HOPE that there are answers out there for you

This is NOT a 1-size-fits-all program. This is not simply a meal plan. This is a program to help you help yourself. After all, no one knows your body like you do!


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What People Are Saying:

Girl! I am over the moon! Day 3 and I'm down 6lbs of water weight/4 inches off my abdomen which to be honest, I don't even care about weight right now but I love seeing it. It's gratifying. I haven't woken up with those rushes of adrenaline once, and I can't remember the last night I didn't have them for years. I also haven't had a panic attack in 3 days which is by far the biggest change. So crazy how quickly changes happen. I watched the digestion video today and holy cow. No one has ever connected anxiety/mental health and the gut that way... not even in nursing school. I was so shocked.


I want to congratulate you. Your course and your podcast are excellent. You are very caring and it shows. I have learned a lot and have implemented most everything little by little and I mean to keep it up. I weighed myself and I have lost 15 pounds so far!


This is insaneeeee. In less than 2 months to go from anxious, tired, depressed, with terrible PMS to -> waking up with energy and slowing figuring out how to nourish and care for my body, very little PMS, and decreased level of anxiety! What a beautiful feeling after so many months of feeling anxious and depressed. Oh, and positive side effect - I lost 11 pounds!