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I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this page as follows:

  • The fundamental goal of Nutritional Therapy is to encourage people to become knowledgeable about—and responsible for—their own health. An NTP helps individuals reach their optimal level of overall health by supporting and bringing balance to the five foundations listed below. All five are built upon a single, solid base: a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet.

    • Digestion

    • Blood Sugar Regulation

    • Fatty Acid Balance

    • Mineral Balance

    • Hydration

      By supporting each of these foundations and helping clients adopt a more nutrient-dense diet, the body's chemistry can be brought back into natural balance, setting the stage for optimal health.

      Nutritional Therapy is not designed, however, to treat any specific disease or medical condition. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is trained to evaluate your nutritional needs and make recommendations of dietary change and nutritional supplements, not medical diagnoses or prescriptions. No comment or recommendation from your NTP should be construed as a medical diagnosis or prescription.

      Reaching optimal health requires sincere commitment, possible lifestyle changes, and a positive attitude. If you are not willing to change how you eat and live, Nutritional Therapy is not the right approach for you. Since every human being is unique on a biochemical level, we cannot guarantee any specific result from our programs.

  • If you suffer from a medical or pathological condition, you need to consult with an appropriate healthcare provider. An NTP is not a substitute for your family physician or other appropriate healthcare provider. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is not trained nor licensed to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, illnesses, injuries, or diseases or prescribe medications.
  • If you are under the care of another healthcare provider, it is important that you contact your other healthcare providers and alert them to your use of nutritional supplements.
  • Nutritional Therapy may be a beneficial adjunct to more traditional care, and it may also alter your need for medication, so it is important you always keep your physician informed of changes in your nutritional program.
  • If you are using medications of any kind, you are required to alert the NTP to such use, as well as to discuss any potential interactions between medications and nutritional products with your pharmacist. If you have any physical or emotional reaction to Nutritional Therapy, discontinue their use immediately, and contact your NTP to ascertain if the reaction is adverse or an indication of the natural course of the body's adjustment to the therapy.

    Note that a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner does not diagnose or treat disease, but instead makes nutritional recommendations for balancing the body and promoting optimal wellness. NTPs are approved by the NTA as a certifying organization, but are not licensed or certified by any state. Please check with your state for specific information on licensing requirements.


    During the course of Nutritional Therapy, your NTP will ask that you provide relevant personal details and information relating to your background, health, lifestyle, etc. (hereafter referred to as “Information”), including but not limited to:

    • Your full name, email address, phone number, date of birth, etc.

    • Your health history, including injuries, surgeries, prescriptions, etc.

      This Information will be gathered from you via in-person interviews, questionnaires, evaluations, intake documents, phone, email, mail, video conferences, etc., and used to:

    • Help assess your nutritional needs.

    • Make recommendations for dietary changes and nutritional supplements to support your specific nutritional needs and goals.

    • Comply with all legal and NTA training obligations.

      To ensure the maximum benefit of Nutritional Therapy, it is important that your Information is accurate and up-to-date. If you notice any changes to your health, begin taking new prescriptions, etc., please notify your NTP as soon as possible. It is also your right as a client to access, update, or delete your records at any time. To do so, simply notify your NTP in writing. Your NTP will retain your Information for the length of time you are a client, after which they will take reasonable steps to dispose of your Information in a secure fashion.

      Though NTPs are not HIPAA regulated entities, the NTA is committed to protecting client privacy and requires students and graduates to uphold the privacy best practices and the policies laid out in the U.S. Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information. Your NTP will take all reasonable steps to protect your Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure by using strong passwords, up-to-date software on all devices, and locking file cabinets for physical documents. However, even the best security practices cannot guarantee that all stored data will be completely free from third-party interception or corruption.


      In accordance with Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, your consent is required for your NTP to collect, use, and disclose your personal Information. By checking the box, you acknowledge consent for your NTP to collect your Information. Your name may be shared on a video format during coaching calls. All calls will be recorded and re-posted. Only people who purchase the program will have access to these videos. 

Prebiotics or Probiotics? Digestive enzymes or Betaine HCl? Folate or folic acid? There are tons of supplements out there and it can be overwhelming!

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P.S. This has been a game-changer for past students when it comes to their success in the program! 

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What People Are Saying:

OMG everything has improved! My Blood Sugar has stabilized and is not out of control. I'm not on blood pressure medication anymore. I've lost 30 pounds since starting and have gained belief in myself and confidence in my ability to truly heal my body. I'm definitely a new person. I wake up with energy. I have more energy to play with my kids and I am a lot more productive.

Roseann R.

Prior to the program, I was struggling with most with brain fog, digestive issues and blood sugar dysregulation. I felt like I was eating really well, but still something was off. Since completing the program, I don’t feel hungry all the time now! I can go about 4 hours. I feel less cranky and dysregulated. I rarely have a migraine or get dehydrated because I know what my signs and triggers are. I get in to a calmer, parasympathetic state to eat. I eat my vegetables first at a meal and feel so much better than I used to.

Kara D.

I needed (and still need) a coach to keep me accountable and organized. I didn't feel as overwhelmed knowing that there was a structure to make changes incrementally. The weekly videos/lessons were vital for me to learn exactly WHY I was doing the changes I was. There were endless resources and I'm currently rewatching all of the videos because there was so much good content. Finally, I deeply value the community aspect of the program and learned so much for others who were also in the program. The weekly calls were something that I always looked forward to and appreciated that Dani spent such focused time with us to support us.

Anamae F.

My biggest "aha" moment was truly understanding how blood sugar is the key to life. I have been trying to fix my acne, hair loss, energy issues etc in all the wrong ways. Saw palmetto for my skin, biotin for my hair. This doesn't get to the root cause. I was always looking for the next thing to try, always so hopeful that staying up til 3 am doing research would lead me to some magic cure. I knew sugar was deadly for me but I didn't understand that even GOOD carbs were not good for me.

Sarah C.