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Drinking Kombucha for the Probiotics is like Eating Fruit Snacks for the Vitamins

I remember when GT’s Kombucha only had 2g of sugar per serving. One day, I turned over the bottle to look at the sugar content and I saw that the sugar content went up in EVERY one of their flavors!!

They added GRAPE JUICE to all of their flavors making them even sweeter than before. And they were accused of mislabeling so I think they needed to fess up to higher concentrations of sugar in their product.

Now all of the flavors of GT’s Kombucha (and almost every single other brand) have about 16-20g of sugar per bottle!! That’s 4-5 TEASPOONS of sugar per bottle!! No thank you.

This sugar content completely negates any beneficial effect of the Kombucha.

The good news is that you can get probiotics from other fermented foods without the unwanted sugar:

•fermented veggies
•water kefir
•homemade kombucha that is fermented extra long so the sugar content is very low
•full fat yogurt

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